I’m all for performance enhancing drugs in sports. We the consumers, want to be entertained. We want to see the records broken, the crazy plays and progression at all costs.

Why do I bring this up? It’s a catchy lead in and the only creative way I could think to mention that it appears that the skateparks of today are on some form of concrete steroids. The Lake Cunningham Skatepark in San Jose is beyond big. The fact that is shares property with Raging Waters more than suggests that it kind of exists as a theme park all it’s own. You know the park where you get the 3 day pass to check it all out? Kind of like that.
The place basically has everything you could need and then some.
It’s a locals paradise and they played host to our circus Sunday in fine form. We had us a demo with all the trimmings. You had the skaters, the families, the kids on their own, the pre-requisite politicians and no shortage of press on hand to cover it all.
There were the million or so autographs that just seemed to happen.. and as long as day was.. it was still kind of special. See, on top of all that, We also had guests.
It’s kind of common these days to have another guy from some other team come out for a stop or two on a tour. It’s sometimes special – but usually just another dude. I will say for sure.. those guys usually aren’t bringing together two super legends at the same time, but it happened here. Steve Caballero.
It was pretty awesome that he was down to come out for a little fun in the sun with our passing through crew. Tony and Steve have been friends since the day.
Bones Brigade.. I needn’t say more, and won’t (other than Jeff Hedges was there too, with a cast of local flavor that also included Steve’s daughter in the jam)
Anyways..  a summation. The session was a good one. Packed with the new hits and plenty of classics.. just like a mix tape for that special somebody.
Right when I thought the time had come, the ender run, and we’ve got to hit the road again.. it turned out I was wrong.
See there’s a silly big wallride there to be had, and Tony had been eyeing it more than I thought.
Wallride Wars, (Jaws vs. the Hawk) round whatever we are on now.. was on.
Interestingly, they both took it to it at different times. Tony making it as high as he wanted a good 5 or 7 times before calling it a day, and Jaws rolling though shorty after to up the ante. Nobody has ever dropped in on this monolith. Nobody. Tony’s been up there on a previous visit. and gave it a resounding  “hell no..” Some locals have tried, and all have failed.
But scrawny little Jaws, see he’s just silly enough to fall for it. Buy into the challenge.. Being known as the little guy who goes big, he may as well. This was about as big a drop as any he’s kickflip meloned or even straight shotted. It’s different, yes, but a biggin’ none the less.
After a couple of tranny checks.. he pulled his wiry frame up to take a peek. As expected, he got the glance and set down his board down. Equally as quick, he sat down and cried. He didn’t do it.
Advantage: Hawk
 – the end.
(for the record, no he didn’t cry and did give it a go, but that’s not as funny. Take a minute to check out the shot from @donkeysquad on insta, or Tony’s re-post. Best comment/pic combo in a bit..)