I’m not a writer. It’s really not my thing. Never has been, and most likely.. won’t ever be.

My overall butchery of sentence structure is only rivaled by only that of my blatant misuse of punctuation. I type the way that I talk, which I know full well, leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I read emails in my own words and wonder why the pauses? Why the run on sentence? Or better yet, why I even bothered in the first place? When I was young, I took on a weird fascination with vocabulary. How exactly that came about, I can’t quite place all these years later, but I only mention this as a bit of an early disclaimer.. To say I’m a little wordy is a little more than an understatement.
So how, do you ask, did a admittedly bad writer, with questionable confidence end up with a gig writing about this trip?
Well, um.. It’s been noted that an account of the day to day comings and goings.. the hi-jinx and shenanigans.. the impending boredom of driving.. the covering of some serious miles with a cast of hilarious characters and the random situations that arise all the while would really tie the room together – and since nobody else rolling is going to step up on it – looks like building a little blog cabin is just going to have to be added to my seemingly never ending list of to-do’s.
My actual role over the next two plus weeks is that of Tour Manager, (A.K.A. General jack of all trades) and how we got here with me typing in the first place.
The position and the opportunity, on the surface seem amazing. The chance to break free for a few weeks and be out there in the parks. Hanging out in airports. Living it up in the lobbies of the fancier than most hotels.. and even dabbling into the occasional fine eateries that this country has to offer..
Kicking it in the van with the guys.. with the team.. with some of your hero’s perhaps. Simply stated: Living.The. Dream.
The dream, it turns out.. is really more of a reality check.
It’s a lot of work. There is no shortage of stress. There are plenty of marks you have to hit. A schedule has to be kept. The cats.. regardless of the situation.. must be herded. I’m not complaining. I love this. It’s something I believe I’m fairly good at, and really do enjoy the time more than I can accurately portray in these damn typed words.
I’ll miss my wife. I’ll miss my kids. My dog.. she’ll get through it. They know how it goes. This is just part of what I do. It’s been this way as long as they’ve all known me. The trade off in exchange of other opportunities, far outweighs the time away. It’s like the blink of an eye really, and although I’m sure they enjoy the quiet.. I’ll still miss ’em none the less.
So, yeah.. enough of the intro into me. It’s all drivel anyway, but I think since what your reading comes from a first hand point of view.. best you have a bit of a feel of where I’m coming from. All that said (and plenty it is..) Let’s touch base on this tour thing.
I’m going to make a broad assumption that if you are reading this, you are either a fan of brand and/or of the man. The same assumption would lead me to think you’ve most likely never hit the road on a skateboard tour either. Just like any family road trip, the only certainty with these jaunts, lies in the unknown.
Despite the fact you’ve spent the months planning, the countless hours thinking it all through – the playbook is never quite set in stone. Looking at it today, a mere 24 hours before we head out.. all I could offer to you (the 12 of you reading this) is a cryptic, and blurred idea of what’s to come.
I can say for sure, I’m expecting no shortage of craze and chaos, no limit on the laughs and really not much more until the moments happen. Each and every one of these tours really does play out like a chess game, or a real life choose your own adventure book. Choose wisely and it all works out.. make a few bad moves.. you know the rest.
This one..  this “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents the Birdhouse Left Coast Tour 2012″ at least for me, will be a little different.
I’m making the effort to try to keep up with this writing thing. Keeping you up to date. Keeping the memories, even for myself maybe, just a little longer.
Welcome to the ride, and a little glimpse of the goodness..
Oh yeah, and for those of you who I’ve already bored to death.. I’m keeping you in mind too.
Come back just for the pictures. You don’t have to read those.
See you in cyberland.. or, uh, Santa Clarita.. if that happens to be in your plans.
 – @dupedupe