Nixon Bones Independent



What do you claim as your hometown?

San Diego, even though I live in North County. I was born and raised in SD
andI still reside close enough to claim it.

United Frequent Flyer Status?

Global Services, set to hit One Million Lifetime Miles this year. Nothing to
be proud of, son…

Last missed flight?

NYC-DEN in Nov thanks to stupid Google Calendar on Android changing time

Places you’ve never been but want to visit?

Iceland, Tibet and El Bulli restaurant in Spain.

Food you’ll never eat?

Is there such a thing? Oh wait, dog.

Most you’ve ever spent on a meal?

$800 for a party of two at The Hump. They have since closed because they got caught serving rare whale sushi.

Last great purchase?

Lexus 600hL – Riley calls it the Batmobile

Lip tricks or airs?

Depends on how much speed I have from the previous trick

Best use of time?

Being with my kids doing anything except waiting in the ER

Worst use of time?

"Reality" television

Any skateboarding regrets?

Not learning proper kickflips when I was younger

Best skatepark past or present?

Woodward Skate Camp, Beijing, China


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