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What do you claim as your hometown?

Santa Ana. Born and raised.

Have you lived in the same house your whole life?

Yep, pretty tight.

Who are you skating with these days and where?

I’ve been staying at Mike Mo’s house in Simi Valley. So, I’ve been out there skating with Vince, Mike Mo, Malto, Shawn Hale, Terell Robinson, Bart Jones, my little brother Ethan, Paul, Mikey and Davis. So, we’re skating everywhere in the valley and with Ty as well.

That’s a pretty big crew. Is there any sibling rivalry between you and your brother?

Yeah, it’s big but that’s just the people we’ve been skating with. The normal crew is Mike Mo and Vince. There’s no rivalry really. He’s awesome and kills it harder then half the kids out there.

That’s really good to hear. You guys push each other?

Yeah, constantly. Whenever we skate together, we are always playing SKATE or just skating a spot with him.

How many times have you broken your wrists?

Well, last year I broke my left four times and my right three times. I would say all together probably ten times.

Damn dude. So those wrist guards are sticking around for a while then?

Yeah. They’re gonna stay on until I get surgery or my wrists feel strong enough to take them off.

How much money are you spending on candy these days?

I would say $5-10 on snacks. That includes candy, chips, and drinks.

Basically living off of 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven is the best.

What is the biggest waste of time?

Trying to film ledge lines. Haha.

What is the best use of time?

Hanging out with family and friends.

Last big purchase?

Bought a TV for my parents.

How nice! How many years have you been on Birdhouse?

It’s been six years now.


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