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What do you claim as your hometown?

Altus, Oklahoma dude!

How small is Altus, OK?

You can’t go to Wal-Mart with out seeing everyone you know.

That’s pretty damn small. Who are your top three skaters from Oklahoma?

Dirty, but he came out… then went back. So, I guess he doesn’t count. Ramondetta, Nuge, and Ernie.

I’ve realized that I should only make a bet with you if I plan on losing. Do you have a favorite bet you’ve made?

Micah Hollinger and Joe Carter now have Oklahoma tats. Pretty hyped on that. Joe’s never been to Oklahoma.

I just laughed out loud. It seems like you have a natural talent for being really good at anything you pick up. Does it ever bum your friends out?

Nah, I suck at some stuff. My friends play Call of Duty a lot. Lately I have tried to play and I’m terrible. It sucks. I suck at all video games really.

That’s pretty awesome. I’m actually excited to hear that.

We’re listening to Big Pimpin’ right now…

That’s the jam. What was the Meat Party?

A trip 12 friends and I took around the southwest for like 15 days in a big ass box truck. Sickest trip ever. To go on the trip you had to get a mullet.

Haha. Anyone keep theirs after the trip?

Dirty did.

Any chance of a Meat Party 2?

Damn, I’d be down! That’d be sick. I’m taking donations.

How much do you need? I’m willing to pitch in if it reserves me a spot.

Last time everyone threw in 100. We could make it happen.

Is the box truck still drivable?

Hell yeah. We just did a Built to Shred thing on it the other day, too. It’s skateable now.

You’re always claiming your parents’ cooking. Do you have a favorite meal they make?

My dad’s ribs, mom’s cheesy fry casserole, and pasta salad would be so rad right now.

If you had to give up salt or sweet tea?

That’s so hard. I’ll say salt. I love it so much, but it would probably be better for me. Maybe I’d just coat my food in tea instead.

What’s better: Chat Roulette or Facebook?

Chat Roulette while on Facebook. Multitasking.

What is Bangarang?

Bangarang is sunshine on a cloudy day, a blanket on a winter night, marshmallows in your hot chocolate. Pretty much they are sick as hell. Just a bunch of dudes who have fun and make some tees and pillowcases. Bangarang Pillow Case Army!! Bangarangg.com


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