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What do you claim as your hometown?

Rosenberg, TX

If you only had 5 bucks at 7-11, what would you buy?

Donut, Water, Ruffles, Scratcher lottery ticket.

Plain ruffles?


Favorite park or pool?

Probably Burnside.

Would you move to Portland for it?

Maybe if the weather wasn’t so shitty, or just for a summer.

Trick you wish you could do?

Frontside inverts.

Cause you learned Miller flips first?

Yeah, worst decision ever.

First skate video you saw?

Vision Skate Escape. It was an old late 80s contest with the Chili Peppers playing on the vert ramp. Tony got second haha.

Haha, who’d he lose to?

Hosoi, They were killing it!

Damn, I wonder if we have it in the collection at work. What year did you see it?

Like 2000. Haha. It was on a DVD. The skatepark owner told my dad to get it.

That’s pretty awesome. Most peoples first videos are whatever came out the year they started skating.

Yeah, I saw In Bloom shortly after at a friends house but all my first videos were from the 80s.

Your dad sounds pretty supportive of your skating.

My dads the best. He would drive me and my friends to parks and spots and just hang out with us.

It sounds like your dad is down for it like Jaws’ dad.

Yeah he is, haha.

Whats the best part about not owning a car?

Um, not having people hit you up for rides, I guess.

So is the worst part about not owning a car having to hit up people for rides?

You got it. The moped gets me around locally though.

Tell me about your moped.

It’s a Tomos LX. It’s a two stroke 70cc. I got it like 6 months ago.

Thanks a ton, Ben. Let’s skate tonight.

Ben Raybourn


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