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What do you claim as your hometown?

Phoenix, AZ

What are your top three Arizona skaters?

Josh Hawkens, Ryan Lay, Dakota Servold. Dakota lives in Temecula, but his heart’s in AZ.

Best thing about Arizona?

PV Skatepark, and the hot weather.

Worst thing about Arizona?


AZ Pride.

Haha hell yeah. It’s the best. No natural disasters and it barely rains up here. Just skateparks and hot weather for days!

Clint wants to know what your power moves are for picking up on the ladies?

Tell him I don’t pick those evil things up.

Haha succubuses.

Haha dude exactly! To me that’s what they all are.

What about that Kenny Reed shirt?

Dude, I’ve gotten like three shirts from him. He travels so much, so he keeps all his clothes with him and he has all these sick old Planet Earth clothes. So, he let me take a couple and they’re probably the nicest shirts I have. So, pretty much whenever I go somewhere nice, I wear his shirts.

That’s awesome. I know you love Applebee’s. Who are the three people you’d take to Applebee’s?

Haha Dude. Applebee’s. Hudson’s got a reserved seat next to me, followed by Steve Haring. Then back home I go with my friend Austin Crumply all the time.

Your Dad is kind of a prolific source of advice. Any recent knowledge you’d care to pass along?

A while ago he told me to “Everyday go out and do something, even if it’s something that you may not find interesting, at least you’re going out and doing something.” I thought that was pretty cool.

What’s the best use of time?


Worst use of time?


Haha, you seem to have a vendetta against the “fairer sex”.

Dude, I don’t know. They’re just a distraction from what I really wanna do. There’s always gonna be girls around, but my knees are only gonna let me skate for so long.