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What do you claim as your hometown?

San Diego, CA and Subic Bay, Philippines

Who are your top 3 Filipino skateboarders?

Daniel Castillo, Chad Tim Tim, and Ansey Flores.

Who was your favorite pro when you turned pro?

Jeremy Klein

Longest winning streak on Street Fighter?

I am the Grand Master of Super Street Fighter 2.

Is it like that old western scenario where kids travel from towns over to test their skill on you?

Not lately… I’m going to post up another tournament at my shop soon. Stay tuned.

In your opinion, what was the worst era for skateboarding clothing and why?

T.A.P. = Tight Ass Pants era. I would rather see baggy clothes than dudes’ asses any day.

Haha yes. Totally agree with you. I always see your tweets about your mom’s cooking. Do you have a favorite home cooked meal?

Hands down my mom makes the best Chicken Adobo. I’ve tried many and nothing compares. My mom is from Pangpanga, a province in the Philippines and they are known to be the best cooks in the Philippines.

I seriously gotta try it. You just had your second kid, a girl. What was your last big purchase?

Yes, my daughter Phelisha was born on Nov. 30, 2010. Do the doctor bills count as a big purchase?

Oh for sure they do. Who is your crew to skate with and where?

I usually skate with Alex Caceres, Brian Gille, and Christian Flores. We’ll hit up Syndrome aka Syndy, the PQ skatepark that’s right next to my shop and street spots that I can’t tell everyone.

Whats the best use of time?

Skateboarding, and being with family and friends.

Any skateboarding regrets?

Missing switch 360 flips on command.

That’s a pretty heavy one. Favorite skateboarding moments?

All the Hook-Ups Tours and the Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tours were fun. Euro Birdhouse tour was awesome.

Any last words?

I just want to thank Birdhouse and Tony Hawk for everything. Birdhouse since day ONE!


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