Tuk Shoes, Theeve, Armourdillo, Bones, Nixon, 187 Pads, S-One, Adicts, Quiksilver, Manic Panic, Machete



What do you claim as your hometown?

Carlsbad, CA

Top 5 bands ever:

The Cult, The Cure, The Adicts, The Clash, and I kinda just threw out those 4 immediately. Devo for sure.

What is the band you never saw live but wish you did?

Like, a band that doesn’t exist anymore? Shit, I wish I would’ve seen Zeppelin. I saw all my favorite bands.

What’s your drink?

Snakebite. That’s good ’cause nobody will know what it is. A few people will, and the rest will try to find out. Actually my favorite, is the Diesel, its when you mix a shot of Grenadine in with a Snakebite and it tastes just like fruit punch. I got introduced to them my second time in England.

What’s the best use of your time?

Skateboarding and hanging with the family.

Worst use of time?

Not knowing what to do. Sometimes not knowing what to do after too much caffeine. That’s kinda how I feel right now but I’m going to skate to get rid of it.

Last great purchase?

My son’s guitar. Mini red and white Squier with a Marshall stack.

Favorite skateboarding moments?

Every time we go on tour. I can’t really say the old times ’cause the new times become the old times. It was such a great time back then, but it’s a great time right now. I wonder, if I had five snakebites, if all these answers would be completely different.

At one time you had a really long hair and a massive beard. How long did you grow it out for?

Ten years for the hair and three years for the beard, ’cause when you live in the dessert you don’t know any better.

Favorite graphic ever of yours?

Right now the new pirate, and really excited for the upcoming ones.


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