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Alright. I just “interviewed” Gregoire so let’s see if you can do better than him.
What do you claim as your hometown?

Joplin, MO!!!

What are your top 3 skaters to come out of Missouri?

Sean Malto! I think he’s from Kansas but I don’t care. Randy Ploesser. Steve Berra too I think?

I can appreciate those 3. What brought you out to California and when?

Have you ever skated in Missouri during the winter? Not fun. I moved out December ’09.

Haha, very nice. You used to design skateparks as an actual job. How’d you end up in that position?

Well. I decided to get married and I needed a good income to do that. I had friends that ran the company so I just asked them for a job at the right time and got hooked up with a great job. Then I got divorced and after I moved to California they let me work from home. That’s the only way I could afford moving out here.

Did you have any parks you were particularly proud of?

Well I didn’t get to skate the ones I designed so I don’t know. Usually it takes a year or so from concept to reality. There are a couple being built right now that I’d like to go skate. By the way, this interview is now illegal. I’m driving. Haha.

Since you brought up the big M and D words, do you have any advice on Marriage?

My advice is pay for pre-marital counseling to prepare you for being married. And make sure you marry the right person.

Noted. Who do people say is your dead celebrity non-Asian look-alike?

Everyone says Heath Ledger but it’s just my hair.

Haha. I would say you have better hair but that’s just a proud TM’s perspective. What was your first board?

How sweet, Jerome. First board was a Variflex from Toys R Us. It was my sisters and she wouldn’t let me use it. I had to buy it from her for $10.

Do you still have it?

I wish. I don’t know what happened to it. I probably sold it for $20 to a kid on my block.

Spreading the love huh?

Ha, well I was poor and had to come up to get another board, so that’s what I had to do.

I like your business sensibility. I remember you telling me you didn’t like bacon. How is that possible?

Cause bacon is greasy, fatty, and just unappetizing to me. I like the bacon my mom would make when I was a kid. But bacon at restaurants is no good. And I hate it on sandwiches!

I’m honestly baffled. Bacon is as good as money to me.

Yeah, as does everyone else in America. Maybe that’s why we have a problem with obesity? Should just replace the red stripes on the flag with pieces of bacon.

That’s an incredible idea. I could eat that flag and still be considered patriotic. You’re a smart kid. Have you ever thought about joining MENSA?

Haha shoot. Check the MENSA team page, I’m on that too.

No way! Really?


On MENSA flow?

Haha yeah. Hopefully they put me on the team soon.


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