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What do you claim as your hometown?

Springfield, VA. But, I currently reside in Washington, D.C.

What’s an acceptable brand of beer as compensation for shooting photos for Born Ugly?

Almost any IPA. I’ve only been paid once: in the very beginning

They sound cheap. And that messes up my next question. But I’ll ask it anyways. What’s an unacceptable beer?

Natty Light, haha

You went to college AND graduated, which puts you in the top three percentile for education among sponsored skaters. Does having a degree help your skating?

Well, yeah. It gave me four more years without having to get a real job. I skated so much while I was in college

Awesome. What university, year you graduated and degree do you have?

I went to George Mason University for Graphic Design and minored in Multimedia and Photography. I ended up graduating in 2008

Way better than a degree in Communication. Finish this sentence: Skating with glasses…

…is better than skating blind.

Well put. Top three skaters with glasses?

Justin Brock
Tyler Bledsoe (think he has contacts now)
Jack Sabback

Worst use of time?

Facebook, without a doubt. Liked it better when it was only in colleges and my mom wasn’t on it, haha.

My parents are years away from it. Best use of time?

Skateboarding and working on/riding my motorbikes. You’re lucky your parents are nowhere close. My mom loves it more than life itself.

What bikes do you have right now?

A Sportster 1200 and a 1973 Suzuki GT550. Both are a lot of fun because they are nothing alike. One runs, the other currently doesn’t. A few more hours on the GT and it should be running strong, leaving people in a cloud of blue smoke.

So you just rode across country on your bike to escape the East Coast winter? What’s it like spending so much time inside your head, alone?

It was really rad because you can go wherever you want. You don’t have to convince anyone to ride 500 miles out of the way just to skate or see something. Also, I got to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen in years. I’ve been playing the whole trip by ear, so, in that respect, doing it solo has been real fun.

Nice. So I can kinda guess what the answer to my next question might be. Money well spent?

Well, yeah. I bought the GT for five dollars. And you can find Sportsters on the cheap on craigslist every day.

Five bucks?! That’s insane. I don’t think you told me that. Last question. Money well saved?

Eight years of free boards and shoes. Still get stoked on every box that comes to my house.