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What do you claim as your hometown?

Portland, OR

I remember you telling me you lived in Texas and worked an office job?

Mike: Yeah, i lived out in Houston for a year. I’m pretty good with computers so I was working for this oil company doing data management and all sorts of boring computer stuff. The money was really good but I ended up breaking my ankle twice while I was out there and a lot of the money I saved up from working went to medical bills for surgery since I didn’t have health insurance. I ended up moving back home to Portland cause I felt like Houston kept dealing me shitty cards.

Damn! How long did it take to come back from surgery?

Mike: The first time I broke it I didn’t need surgery. I just had a cast for 2 months. About a month after I got out of the cast I was messing around on a mini ramp and slipped out and rolled my ankle wrong and broke a few bones in it. I had to straight into surgery that time and was in a cast for 4 months and after that I really took the time to do physical therapy on it to get it good and strong enough to skate again. All in all, I couldn’t skate for like a year, which really drove me crazy and ruined that job in Texas for me. It ended up costing me half of what I made working for the oil company. The company was insane and it was a great job but I couldn’t do it anymore so I flew a homie down to Houston and we made a month long road trip out of the drive back to Portland and had a bunch of fun on the way.

Seems like you were working just to pay for the injuries you were getting in your time off.

Mike: Yeah, pretty much. I mean I couldn’t walk much, so that made me sit behind the computer and make more money. I would work at least 10 hours every day. Sometimes 12 or even 14 if there was nothing going on. The money was really good and I learned a ton about all these oil companies. It’s ridiculous how much money they make.

Ah, our $4 for a gallon of gas. How’d you meet the team?

Mike: Well, I’ve known Clint for like 5 years from going on those Hometown Hero trips and judging contests with him. But the first time I met the team was in New York City with Adam Mills, who’s the Birdhouse filmer now, and we met up with Clint and he was with y’all and we ended up skating around the city. Clint put in a good word and you guys were down and started sending me boards.

Ha, when everyone got back they were talking about some heavy stuff you did.

Mike: Haha yeah that was a crazy day! I remember I was so stoked to meet Jaws and he instantly sacked a 14-stair rail and took a cab back to the hotel. It was a pretty funny introduction.

Like a month later, Clint texted me a link to your footage and I think I sat on it for a weekend before watching it. Once I did, I remember thinking, “what the hell”. I’m pretty sure I sent you some boards ASAP. That footage eventually became your ONE AM part.

Mike: I sent that footage over and you guys were like, we’re down to send you boards and do you want to use that footage for a Ride Channel part. It all happened so fast. I couldn’t believe it.

We’re psyched to officially welcome you to the team after going on tour with Birdhouse in 2012 and then helping us win the 2013 Thrasher Magazine King of the Road. And all that as a flow dude! You’ve got to keep up with that pace now. What’s next?

Mike: Yeah, man! Life is crazy! I never would have thought. I literally owe it all to Clint. I was content working a normal job and just skating for fun, but I met him on that Hometown Hero’s thing and ended up going on a couple month tour and seeing the way he skates and handles shit got me really sparked to try and see what’s possible. As for King of The Road, it still doesn’t seem real, haha. That was the best/craziest trip of my life and I can’t wait to do it again! I can’t tell you how stoked I am to be fully part of the team now. I’ll try to keep up the pace. Things have been going really good lately; I’m working on a Thrasher part and a few other things so I’ve got my work cut out for me but being able to skate and have fun beats anything in the world.


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