Bones, Rockstar, Globe, Dakine, Thunder, Triple 8



What do you claim as your hometown?


Where are you living now?

Vista, Ca

For how long?

5 and a half years

What brought you out to Southern California?


I heard that Kevin convinced you and your mom to move out here so you could skate the Boom Boom ramp everyday.

Pretty much. That and my skatepark shut down. I wasn’t skating, I was working a job doing construction. The east coast didn’t really have a vert scene at that moment and it for sure didn’t have a mega scene. Ha!

Haha yeah. Not many places have a mega scene. I heard Jesse Fritsch put it this way “Elliot’s the only guy I know who has come from NYC, likes death metal and kills it at vert.” What are you listening to right now?

Haha yeah that’s funny. My favorite band is In Flames. They just came out with a new album called Sounds of a Playground Fading. Amazing! Also, I’ve been working really hard to finish up the first album from my band, The Stranded. Should be done soon.

Awesome. How long have you been working on it?

It’s been about a year and change in the making. Probably would’ve been sooner, but the other guys in the band are in Italy.

So do you guys do most of the recording separately and then email each other?

Yeah, we did all the writing and arranging separately, just emailing back and forth. I went over there for like two weeks and we recorded everything at my friends studio. His name is Ettori Rigotti, he’s a genius producer and engineer.

That sounds really sick. How much mega are you skating compared to vert?

I’ve been skating mega here and there. I’m about to skate it a bunch, cause there’s a mega contest in Brazil coming up, then X Games. But I’ve been skating vert a lot at the new DC ramp, filming for a Bangin part on the Berrics.

Sounds like you’ve got your summer planned out.


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