Spitfire, Thunder, Vans (flow), Skatepark of Tampa, The Goodworth, Gatorade



What do you claim as your hometown?

Cocoa Beach, FL. Without a doubt.

Whats the best part about it?

Thats hard to say, there isn’t much cool stuff in Cocoa Beach. Sharon Dixon is the best, she’s killing it. ┬áBut other than that, island parties are pretty cool.

Haha nice. I gotta try an island party sometime.

If you come to Cocoa Beach, I’ll set up a real good island party for ya. I spent a few hours today getting one ready for a homie who’s leaving for the airforce.

What’s the worst part?

Worst party would have to be a frat party or some shit like that.

Ha, not worst party but the worst part about Cocoa Beach.

Oh shit my bad, worst part about Cocoa Beach would be worrying about your house getting thrashed when there are bad hurricanes.

That’s gotta be pretty jacked cause you gotta wonder how bad hurricane season is gonna be each year. How’d you get into skating?

I went to my friends house one day and he had a skateboard, I tried it out and i guess i got hooked.

How old were you?

I was a little guy. I don’t know exactly how old I was though.

First sponsor?

I skated for my buddies shop called trademark skate shop.

How’d you get hooked up with the SPoT crew?

I didn’t have a shop sponsor and was skating all the SpoTlight production events and then Ryan Clements and I ended up talking about it and it worked out.

Those guys have it figured out and it’s always a great time with Clements.

Hell yeah, they kill it and Clements is the man.

Who’s your favorite guy on Birdhouse?

I don’t know, I like everyone on the team but probably Clint. He will tell you how it is. I like straightforward people.

Clint ain’t scared. He’s the man. Explain Trifelife:

Trifelife. It’s pretty much the best shit out, although it’s still in the works right now and is pretty much just a crew of homies, it will one day be a company that sells little trinkets and other miscellaneous products such as budget ass socks and what not.

Who is a part of Trifelife?

The crew consists of Clint Walker, Aaron Homoki, Riley Hawk, Sam Muller, Shane Kassin, Tyson Stripping, Ryan Barsin, Jerome Case, Mike Wittman and Kyle Walker.

Still got my sample pair of the socks. As Trifelife as it gets. My phone now recognizes ‘trifelife’ and autocorrects it by the way.

Are they treating you well?

Hell yeah they are. Thin and no elastic.



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