Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Dirty, and Trevor Vaughan do Halloween on the Fully Torqued RV Tour with #13daysofFreddy in the newest episode live on Ride Channel

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Fresh Crops: Fully Torqued RV Tour

Trevor Vaughan has been out with the Fully Torqued RV Tour shooting photos of the guys. Clint Walker, Clive Dixon and flow homie Dirty all have great photos in this weeks Fresh Crops on The Skateboard Mag site.

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Active does Denver

David Loy went out to Denver with the Active Ride Shop team and they filmed this sick edit of the good times.

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Loop Party

For our final post about all the Loop shenanigans that went down last weekend, here’s the recap of it all from the good guys at The Skateboard Mag

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Loop o’ Death

Ride Channel posted the trials and tribulations of everyone on Loop Day 2013. See how close or not close everyone got to rolling away.

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Tony, Ben and Kevin sneak peak

Before the new skatepark opens in Carlsbad, California, Tony, Ben and Kevin got to skate the bowl. It looks like the park is going to be super fun.

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Jaws loops the loop

On Saturday, October 20th, Jaws successfully made the loop in Vista, CA. The diameter is 14 feet.

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slow motion for me

Tony Hawk shuv-it backsmith grinds the channel in this weeks installment of the Skateboarding in Slow Motion feature on Ride Channel

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Backin’ Blue

Shaun Gregoire went on the full length Backin’ Blue Vox Footwear tour this summer. On Ride Channel they’ve been posting all the goods that went down at the demos and spots.

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Indy Rider Rally

Last weekend, Independent Trucks hosted the Indy Rider Rally at Lake Cunningham skate park in San Jose. Ben Raybourn was there to kill it for us. Check the round up footage from Thrasher for the goods.

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Trippin’ with Glassy

Glassy went on a trip out to Denver with David Loy, Shawn Hale and Jaws and filmed some tricks and antics for their edit for The Skateboard Mag and Ride Channel. Check all the goodies here:

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15 for 15

For Google’s 15 year anniversary, Tony gave them a video of him doing 15 handplant variations. If you don’t know the differences, use it as a tutorial.

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