Meat Party

In 2008, Clint Walker and some friends went on a huge skate road trip in a huge delivery truck. They dubbed it Meat Party and the only requirement to take part was to cut your hair into a mullet.

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Shawn Hale skates Stoner

Colin Clark shot some footage of Shawn Hale the other day at Stoner park. It’s quick but sweet.

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Two Sequences

This week on Thrasher’s website, the Five Sequences was shot by Joe Hammeke. Shawn Hale and Clint Walker have pretty good ones. Also, we watched Suski’s go down in person and he’s the man.

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Woodward West just announced the results for the 2012 Shootout at Woodward West contest and we emerged victorious. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and to Woodward West for hosting us. and a tip of the hat to the other teams that took part in it.

We decided to put together all the clips […]

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Speed Ramp meets Shawn Hale

Shawn Hale skates Greco’s Hazardous Speed Ramp at The Berrics in this edit. It looks like it was a ton of fun while it lasted. Click here for the goods.

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Woodward West Shootout

“The Shootout at Woodward West is happening again and teams have been filming all summer at Woodward West. So what is the Shootout at Woodward West? It’s our own video contest featuring several skateboarding teams. Each team had a week at Woodward West during summer camp 2012 to film their video. will premier all […]

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On our Left Coast Tour we made a quick stop through San Francisco to skate Double Rock. Thrasher hosted us and the guys killed it. Thanks for the good times. Check it out here.

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