So if you hadn’t already noticed, the demo updates quickly became a bi-weekly recap, rather than a continuation of my wordy event by event start.

I can just hear hear Mick Jagger singing it.. ♫ “Time is on my side” ♫ (drag that “time” out as long as you feel)
Well it isn’t, Mick.. It just isn’t. The free moments on a tour are a little more pitiful than plentiful. Sure you catch a break here and there.. but writing?.. maybe not.
I took on this little challenge though, and I’d feel a great big hole in my heart if I let you down. We can’t have that in our relationship. I like you too much.
Anyhoo, here we go:
Seattle was a good one. Nobody quite knew what to expect there, with a brand new park and a setting perched on a hill. This set-up may lead to some let down eyes unable to sneak a peek. Of course our friends from the parks board want to assist on that though.. and with some bleachers and some extra squeezing.. we’ll all make it work. As always, if it’s a little too much for anybody, there is plenty on site to keep you busy. Our tour sponsors are a special kind of special.
Everyone was excited, and as noted, the Jefferson Park decks were packed. Maybe packed is an understatement, but we did our best to afford the guys about a foot of clearance whenever possible. Sometimes that’s just how it goes.
Tony, despite being nice and beat down knew it might be time again to draw from the classics. Inverts, McTwists and 80’s variations are never a let down. There was plenty of the new too, but I guess I’m just drawn to what I know best. While him and Staab worked the big bowl with a big bunch of locals (a bowl with perfect walls btw) Shawn Hale and recent added guest Riley Hawk were busy winning the demo down in the shallow end. Jaws, Loy, Clive and Shags were all up in the mix and the skating was strong. Even I couldn’t tell through the masses, but based what I saw in the post photos, the rest of the guys were making the most of the “street” section all the while. Everyone went for the max time, and Staab stuck it out for just a few extra walls.
Those who do this thing we know as touring are usually all to aware that this move can lead to trouble. It wasn’t too long before I heard we were another man down. Ribs, again. Seems to be a sub-theme to the tour.
Wishing I had scheduled the drive a little differently, I hadn’t. The road waits for no one.. but the boarder patrol.. they play by their own rules.
Vancouver isn’t too far from Seattle. I know it well. This was once my zone. My van made good time of it, with a wheezy Staab keeping tune with the tracks.
With a simple explanation of what we were up to in Canada, were through the border and off to the hotel in no time. The questions were a little more for some of the vehicles, and after a return drive to Seattle and back up for one of them, we were going to make the most of who we had left.
Where I said we didn’t know what to expect with the previous demo. In the back of my mind, I knew how Vancouver can be. It’s know as Hollywood North for a reason. They see the stars all the time. It’s not that big of a deal. When we got to the park.. I was blown away. There they were, and so were we. I hadn’t see this many people out for something skate since the glory days of Slam City Jam.
The last demo on a tour is probably, and understandably the hardest. The guys are beat, broken and lesser in size than you started with. We still had Riley Hawk along for the ride, but it never hurts to pad things a little. Knowing we had some locals at the ready, the calls were out. Alex Chalmers, a kid known as “frontside” (aptly named) and some other rippers kept the big crown occupied. All the guys we had left in the posse really took it to it. The session, again, was sweet. Tony self called out some throwbacks to Expo ’86, and came through on the promises. Everyone killed it. I felt like I was on the move constantly to help fill the “insta” needs, but basically because the action was all over the place. It really was a good one, and with a final signature run, a now equally signature toss of a helmet.. the time had come. It was over. Actually the session kept going for just about everyone, but as always, for the sake of the story; That was it. Vancouver, and essentially another tour were a wrap.
That’s not where it ends though. There is always more to the tale.
I owe you, and still myself just one more of these. I’m going to find the time. It’s out there somewhere. Somebody get Mick Jagger on the phone. Maybe he’ll help me, since he’s apparently got it all figured out.
Bye for a moment, but let’s not make it forever.. K?
– Duper