10 best roof tricks according to Jenkem Mag

Jenkem Mag threw a list together of what they think the 10 best roof tricks ever done are. We can’t argue with any of them, especially number 1. That Jeremy […]

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The Body and The Boardr

The Boardr has a series where they highlight a brand using their cohort The Body. He nails it this week by shopping for Birdhouse boards and paying homage to The […]

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5&5 with Tony Hawk and Independent Trucks

Tony Hawk answers 5 questions while doing 5 tricks for Independent Trucks and Strange Notes. He talks about Riley riding for Baker, Frontside inverts and kickflip indy’s.

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Afternoon in The Park

The Transworld Skateboarding guys invited us over for lunch and to check out their new TF. Its super fun and has a good flow to it. Thanks for hosting us! […]

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Tony and SONY

Tony Hawk has partnered up with Sony Action Cam to bring you the best of his day to day life. Here’s an intro clip of his life on the road […]

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Birdhouse Goes Midwest part 3

In our third of 4 tour edits, Ben keeps killing the demos. Nothing took more than 3 tries. It’s insane. Tony’s on a rampage and always a crowd pleaser, Mike […]

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Birdhouse Goes Midwest part 2

Here’s our 2nd video from our #BirdhouseGoesMidwest tour featuring all of Ben Raybourn’s tricks from our Kansas City demo. For those who haven’t had a chance to watch him skate […]

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Birdhouse Goes Midwest part 1

We’re 5 days into our BirdhouseGoesMidwest tour and part 1 of the video edits is up now on Ride Channel. Theres a bunch of stuff in there from our van […]

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Checking in from day 2 of our Midwest Tour. So far we’ve skated some fun parks and hit up some good spots in Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and Indianapolis. The Newport […]

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Ben and the judges

These clips of Ben Raybourn at the Van Doren Invitational this past weekend is why we love him. Check the full recap from The Boardr and Ride Channel for all […]

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