Willy and Arnette’s Family Vacation

This summer Willy Santos went with the Arnette dudes to Spain and skated around Madrid for 10 days. Sounds like the best trip ever. Check the edit to see some […]

By |December 2nd, 2014|News, Video|

DLOY and Whitney

Back when Adam Mills and David Loy were editing David’s pro part, the original song choice was Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. Since David is up for Best […]

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SOTY 2014

Thrasher Magazine has opened up the polls for this years Skater of The Year. Ben Raybourn, Jaws and Clint Walker made the cut again. Check the stats and vote on […]

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Fred Water Metal Flask

Both Tony and Jaws make appearances in the new Kickstarter campaign for Fred Water’s new metal flask. Check the link for the awesomeness –

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Tony Hawk Perched

To help release the new TheRideChannel.com, Tony Hawk put out a brand new part called “Perched”. There is some really gnarly stuff in there. It took a few viewings to […]

By |October 28th, 2014|Video|

Clive DIY

Clive Dixon decided to make something out of nothing and build a DIY kicker at an abandoned mall in his home town of Cocoa Beach Florida. Thrasher has the edit […]

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Weekend Buzz with Tony and Andrew part 1

Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds sit down with Rob Brink and Lee Dupont to talk business, skateboarding and how things have changed over the last 30 years. Its a really […]

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David Loy gets welcomed to Ricta Wheels

David just put together one hell of a part for Ricta Wheels as his Welcome to the Team edit. Check the full thing here.

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Certified Piece of Suck

Shaun Gregoire and the guys at Pyramid Country ventured out to Superior, Arizona to skate a park that defies any sort of skate logic. Thrasher has the video and despite […]

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Clive Dixon New Jack part

Clive filmed a part to coincide with the release of his New Jack interview in The Skateboard Mag Issue 128 and it is a banger. Check the interview and watch […]

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