Tony and Jaws in Ethiopia

Tony and Jaws just got back from a trip to Ethiopia for the Let It Flow Foundation to help build clean water wells in communities there. Jonathan Mehring has the photo gallery of the trip up on the XGames site.

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A day in the life with Ben

Nike Skateboarding tags along with Ben Raybourn for a day in Portland. The Ben at Burnside footage is worth the price of clicking play alone.

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Tony Hawk and marketing skateboarding in a good light

The Berrics has a great interview with Tony Hawk up today about skating, corporate sponsorships and what exactly selling out is. Although every interview with Tony is awesome, this one is particularly good and offers some great insight into sharing skating with the masses. Click here for the video.

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Voting for The Berrics “Populist” starts this Saturday, January 17th. Our very own Ben Raybourn is in the running as one of the The Berrics 10 best skaters for 2014. Check it out and put a check mark next to ol’ Ben’s name this Saturday.

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King of The Road 7-9

King of The Road Episodes 7, 8 and 9 are now live on Episode 7 brings everyone to the midway point where things get hectic at Skatopia, which kind of goes without saying. In episode 8, everyone settles down and heads to their 2nd to last cities. We get Pittsburg and Clive breaks the […]

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The boys in Medellin

Clive Dixon, David Loy and Shawn Hale went down to Medellin, Colombia with Adam Mills to film and Bart Jones to shoot some amazing spots. The edit is now live and the article is in issue 129 of The Skateboard Mag. Watch it here –

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2014 TWS Readers Choice Awards

Voting is open for the 2014 Readers Choice Awards and we’ve got 2 dudes on the ballots. Jaws is up for TWS Readers Choice Skater and David Loy is up for Rookie Pro. Check their profiles and vote for our guys here.

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King of The Road episodes 1-6 are live

Thrasher has been releasing an episode a day of King of The Road leading up to the final episode this Saturday. The winner will be announced at an awards party up in San Francisco. Click here to watch all the episodes and see who you think will win.

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Willy and Arnette’s Family Vacation

This summer Willy Santos went with the Arnette dudes to Spain and skated around Madrid for 10 days. Sounds like the best trip ever. Check the edit to see some of the spots and maybe start planning your own trip out there.

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DLOY and Whitney

Back when Adam Mills and David Loy were editing David’s pro part, the original song choice was Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. Since David is up for Best Rookie on TWS Readers Choice we figured it was high time we put out the OG edit.

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