In the newest episode from 238, Adam Mills, puts together an edit of Dirty. Theres also some guest stuff in there from Clint Walker, Clive Dixon and Kyle Walker.

238 Episode […]

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Tony’s Crew

New episode of Tony’s Crew is up on the Ride Channel. This time we take a trip through Phoenix for the Damn Am and spend some time in Albuquerque.

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Damn Am Atlanta

Flow dude John Hill placed 5th at this weekends Damn Am Atlanta at Hazard County Skatepark. The guys over at Skatepark of Tampa have a recap of the weekends events […]

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Quick Three with Shawn Hale

Network Skate posted a line of Shawn Hale at the Vox mini ramp for their Quick Three series

SHAWN HALE QUICK THREE from NetworkSkate.com on Vimeo.

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Active Ride Shop’s Phoenix Am

Active Ride Shop just posted their edit of Phoenix Am. Clint Walker and David Loy make appearances.

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Clive Dixon and Clint Walker are featured over at Thrasher Magazine’s site on the newest Burnout post. Click here to go see them at work.

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Willy in Europe

Willy Santos will be out with the Quiksilver Europe team in France for a tour. If you happen to be out there go check it out.

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Skatepark of Tampa has the newest episode of SPoT Life up on the Ride Channel with a visit to Jaws’ house during Phoenix Am.

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The Pima Banks with Hammeke

Thrasher has a recap of the night we skated the Pima Banks with Joe Hammeke. Check the recap here.

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Tony’s Crew at Quiksilver

The newest episode of Tony’s Crew has the Birdhouse team skating the Quiksilver park with free food from Wahoo’s.

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