Jaws and Real Street

The X Games Real Street contest started off on Tuesday and you can head over to their site and check out 16 one minute parts trying to win 1st place […]

By |June 7th, 2012|News|

Tony’s Crew: VX Edition

New episode of Tony’s Crew is up on the Ride Channel featuring all of our VX footage. Check it out here.

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Solo Suffer Ditch Session

Shawn Hale went to the Home Ave ditch with Rhino and theres a little group of Shawn’s struggles and triumphs on a hot day.

By |May 29th, 2012|News|

Fakie Nose Blunt Stalls

Learn how to do fakie nose blunt stalls with Shawn Hale on today’s trick-a-day on the Ride Channel.

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Jaws on Dekline

Jaws is now a part of the team over at Dekline Footwear and they just put out a 3 minute part of footage called Dekline Goes East.

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Tony at Combi

Quiksilver just posted an edit of Tony’s run from the finals at the Pro Tec Pool Party. It’s pretty good.

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Tony in Upland

Tony was up in Uplands this past weekend for the Badlands Bash and it was filmed for a Tony’s Crew episode.

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Full Cab Trick A Day

Shawn Hale showed up on The Ride Channel this weekend with a How-To for full cabs. Check it out here-

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Jaws on the Passion Trip

Jaws went on Lizard King’s Passion Trip for a week and get a bunch of good stuff. Thrasher has been posting the tour video in sections all week and in […]

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Jaws stair count

On the Thrasher site, Joe Hammeke has this weeks Five Sequences with shots from the Passion Trip. Check out the sequence of Jaws snapping the tail off.

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