A day late, and a dollar short.

I’m all for performance enhancing drugs in sports. We the consumers, want to be entertained. We want to see the records broken, the crazy plays and progression at all costs.

Why […]

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Promo video time!

Ride Channel just uploaded our newest Left Coast tour video. Check it out and come out and see us!

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and so it starts…

The first day is always a little frantic. Day 1 for us was no exception. There was no flying anywhere to get things slightly settled. This was get it going.. and […]

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San Jose, Today

Today at 2pm we’ll be doing a demo at the Lake Cunningham Skate Park in San Jose then following it up with a signing at Circle A Skate Shop at […]

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The Beginning..

I’m not a writer. It’s really not my thing. Never has been, and most likely.. won’t ever be.

My overall butchery of sentence structure is only rivaled by only that of […]

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Memory Screened

Skateboarder Magazine interviewed Tony about his 5 favorite graphics for the August/September 2012 issue. Check the video here to see what he has to say.


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Tomorrow at Santa Clarita Skatepark!

We’ll see you there.

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ERGO East Coast Weenie Roast

Shawn Hale and David Loy went on an early summer tour of the East Coast with Ergo Clothing and here’s part 1 of the recap.

ERGO East Coast Weenie Roast, […]

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Tour Dates and Times

Saturday, July 14 • Santa Clarita, CA • Santa Clarita Skatepark • 4:00 PM
Sunday, July 15 • San Jose, CA • Lake Cunningham Skatepark • 2:00 PM
Monday, July 16 • […]

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Shane Kassin

Our flow dude and Florida homie, Shane Kassin, has the most recent contents spread of Focus Skate mag. go check it here.

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