Backside Airs

Today’s Trick-a-day from Ride Channel is Jaws teaching you how to bump your wheels off the coping and do backside airs.

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Vancouver and Concrete

Concrete Magazine has a recap of our day in Vancouver and the demo at Hastings Skatepark for our last stop of the Left Coast Tour. Thanks to everyone who […]

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Free Lunch with Jaws

Jaws tells the story of how Tony got him on Birdhouse and how Sinclair got him on Dekline.

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Thrasher Updates

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw the demo’s and skated with us on tour. Joe Hammeke and Thrasher Magazine had updates from each stop of the tour. If […]

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Jaws won the Best Trick portion of the Coastal Carnage yesterday. Until the recap gets posted, here’s a clip of him doing a 540 on the shark.

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Left Coast Tour closing ceremonies

Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time with us on the Left Coast Tour. We had a blast and hope you did too. Here’s a recap […]

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Wait.. what was I just saying?

So if you hadn’t already noticed, the demo updates quickly became a bi-weekly recap, rather than a continuation of my wordy event by event start.
I can just hear hear Mick […]

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Last stop: Vancouver

Today is the last stop of our Left Coast Tour. Everyone will be skating at 2pm at Hastings Skate Park in Vancouver B.C. Come out, say hi, and wish us […]

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Seattle people

Bring your friends and family and those neighbors you don’t really talk to but wish you hung out with more to our skate demo tomorrow in Seattle.

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Oh, were you still here? Sorry.. I was on my phone..

Sometimes on these skate tours, the smaller towns really are the most happening spots.

Not, perhaps in the hipster chic way you would think, but for generating a crowd who’s down […]

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