D Loy goes top rope

This week on Thrasher Magazine’s Five Sequences, David Loy goes top rope at Burnside courtesy of Joe Hammeke. You can check the sequence out by clicking here.

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Thrasher First Look

Jaws and Dakota Servold give the new issue of Thrasher with Ben Raybourn on the cover a First Look.

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Ben Raybourn’s Independent Truck ad

Independent just posted the footage of Ben’s trick in his first Indy ad. Check it out here.

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Ben Raybourn on the cover of Thrasher

The March 2013 issue of Thrasher Magazine has Ben Raybourn on the cover with a NBD at Burnside. Definitely one of, if not the gnarliest tricks to happen there. Congrats […]

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Done 2.0 trailer

This last Spring, Clint Walker went on the Done 2.0 trip with a bunch of other dudes through 12 cities in 30 days. It looks like it was an awesome […]

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Water balloons and skateboarding

Also, Slow Motion. In this edit from Lamar+Nik, Clint Walker and a bunch of other dudes skate while being bombarded with water balloons. Click here for the link.

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Do your backlips need work?

Clint Walker shows you how to work on your backlips today on Ride Channel’s Trick-a-day.

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Tony and Independent

Independent Trucks welcomed Tony to the team today with an insane part. Watch it here over and over again.

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Front shuv late flips

Willy Santos shows you how to do Front Shuv Late Flips in this episode of Trick-a-Day from Ride Channel:

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It’s gonna be a good year…

Tony Hawk and Independent Trucks will be releasing a full part through Ride Channel on January 14th. Here’s a teaser of whats to come:

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