Thrasher First Look

Jaws and Dakota Servold give the new issue of Thrasher with Ben Raybourn on the cover a First Look.

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Ben Raybourn’s Independent Truck ad

Independent just posted the footage of Ben’s trick in his first Indy ad. Check it out here.

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Ben Raybourn on the cover of Thrasher

The March 2013 issue of Thrasher Magazine has Ben Raybourn on the cover with a NBD at Burnside. Definitely one of, if not the gnarliest tricks to happen there. Congrats […]

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Done 2.0 trailer

This last Spring, Clint Walker went on the Done 2.0 trip with a bunch of other dudes through 12 cities in 30 days. It looks like it was an awesome […]

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Water balloons and skateboarding

Also, Slow Motion. In this edit from Lamar+Nik, Clint Walker and a bunch of other dudes skate while being bombarded with water balloons. Click here for the link.

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Do your backlips need work?

Clint Walker shows you how to work on your backlips today on Ride Channel’s Trick-a-day.

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Tony and Independent

Independent Trucks welcomed Tony to the team today with an insane part. Watch it here over and over again.

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Front shuv late flips

Willy Santos shows you how to do Front Shuv Late Flips in this episode of Trick-a-Day from Ride Channel:

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It’s gonna be a good year…

Tony Hawk and Independent Trucks will be releasing a full part through Ride Channel on January 14th. Here’s a teaser of whats to come:

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Jaws skates PV

Cody Long filmed a couple sessions at PV Park for this edit of Jaws having some fun for The Skateboard Mag.

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