One AM: Mike Davis

Ride Channel just released a full part from our flow dude and great friend, Mike Davis. The part is so good and we’re excited to see it go live. Check out his part below and expect to see a lot more from Mike in the future.

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Mike Davis teaser

Ride Channel is starting a new show next Tuesday that exclusively debut’s a new part from amateur skaters. Mike Davis will be starting it all off with a hell of a part. Check the teaser here and get psyched for next Tuesday.

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Jaws got Magnified over on the Thrasher Magazine site with the footage from his crooked grind for the newest Dekline ad. Check it here.

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New Bones teaser

Jaws and his brother Andrew are in the newest teaser for the Bones Wheels video “New Ground”. Check it out here.

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We made Summer, Summer.

This summer after our Left Coast Tour, instead of flying home from Vancouver, B.C. a group of us (Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Candler Woods, Shaun Gregoire, Mike Davis, and Guest Skater Aaron Suski along with Joe Hammeke, Adam Mills and myself, the TM) decided to drive home to San Diego and make a camping and […]

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Jaws on Footprint Insoles

Footprint Insoles welcomed Jaws to the team this weekend with a video of Jaws demonstrating the cushiness of the insoles.

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Left Coast sequences

Joe Hammeke has the sequences from our Left Coast Tour up on the Thrasher site today. Clint, Jaws, Clive, Shawn Hale and Tony all have sequences. Check it out here.

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David Loy got Recruited on The Berrics today. He did a damn good job of it, too.

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Modern Art

Ambig Clothing is working on their video “Modern Art” and they’re getting close to finishing it up. Check out this commercial from them featuring Clint Walker and a little taste of whats on the way.

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Left Coast Tour video

We just posted up our final Left Coast Tour edit to coincide with the release of our article in the December 2012 Thrasher. We had a ton of fun. Check it out below in all its glory.

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