To commemorate Hassleblad announcing that they were no longer making the V System cameras, The Skateboard Mag gathered some of their favorite Hassy photos for a Fresh Crops: Hassleblad edition. […]

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Trippin’: Jaws with The Skateboard Mag in South Africa

Ride Channel has the video of Jaws’ trip to South Africa with a good group of guys from back in January. From what I heard and this video, it looks […]

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Hall of Meat: Broken collarbone edition

In the new Hall of Meat from Thrasher Magazine, Clint Walker goes for it and finds the bottom of the stairs and a broken collarbone. This is the footage from […]

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Clint gets smoked

In this episode of Uncut from Ride Channel, Clint Walker puts in work to get a 5-0 gap out for his Modern Art part. Here’s just some of the slams […]

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Ambig “Modern Art” premiere via Active

Active Ride Shop has an awesome recap of an amazing night up at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. The Modern Art premiere went off and Ambig did a great […]

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Clint’s sequence

This weeks 5 Sequences on the Thrasher site comes from Rhino. Clint Walker has a damn good backside flip at a defunct water park. Head to their site to see […]

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Belly of The Beast

Shaun Gregoire’s part from Allen Danze’s Belly of The Beast went live today. All east coast footage with some really good Pulaski stuff in there. Check it out below.


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Clint and Clive on the Weekend Buzz

Clint Walker and Clive Dixon are today’s guests on the Weekend Buzz. Learn all about Slip ‘n Slide loops, eating scorpions, and chasing down robbers. Also, Clyde gets publicly introduced […]

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Shaun Gregoire for Vox

Shaun Gregoire is in the newest Vox Footwear doubles ad with Peter Watkins. Check out the making of at a famous San Diego ditch spot here.

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Ride Channel came through with the recap edit from the X Games Brazil skateboard park event and all the practice and warm up footage you didnt see. Jaws and Ben […]

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