Skate to fight ovarian cancer

On May 5th, 2013, Willy Santos and a group of people ranging from 9 to 62 skated 45 miles to raise awareness for the fight against ovarian cancer. Here’s his […]

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A John Hill Video Part

Our flow dude from Columbia, SC, John Hill, just released a full part for Bluetile Skateshop. There is so much switch in there.

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Blow’n Up the Spot

Ben Raybourn was out in this forgotten San Diego backyard with the guys from Independent Trucks to film a Blow’n Up the Spot. It looks so fun!

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Clip of The Week

Mike Davis has the Clip of The Week #50 from Midtown Skatepark. Wait for the big heel tail slide and the bigspin front blunt to fakie.

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Five Sequences

Thrasher Magazine wrapped up their week of Ambig riders promoting “Modern Art” with a collection of sequences from different photographers. Clint, Clive and flow homie Dirty all had sequences. Dirty’s […]

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Today is the day that Ambig Clothing and Thrasher Magazine release the video Modern Art. Go check out all the hard work, goodness and crazy that is Clint Walker and […]

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To commemorate Hassleblad announcing that they were no longer making the V System cameras, The Skateboard Mag gathered some of their favorite Hassy photos for a Fresh Crops: Hassleblad edition. […]

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Trippin': Jaws with The Skateboard Mag in South Africa

Ride Channel has the video of Jaws’ trip to South Africa with a good group of guys from back in January. From what I heard and this video, it looks […]

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Hall of Meat: Broken collarbone edition

In the new Hall of Meat from Thrasher Magazine, Clint Walker goes for it and finds the bottom of the stairs and a broken collarbone. This is the footage from […]

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Clint gets smoked

In this episode of Uncut from Ride Channel, Clint Walker puts in work to get a 5-0 gap out for his Modern Art part. Here’s just some of the slams […]

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