Slow mo Shawn Hale

This is by far one of the best slow mo edits Ride Channel has done. Shawn Hale can destroy some tranny.

By |July 11th, 2013|News, Video|

Neff in the parks

Jaws is one of my favorites to watch when it comes to skating parks. He finds the best lines and does the nuttiest stuff. Here he is having some fun […]

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The Junction

The Junction is the newest park at Woodward West and Ben Raybourn and the Bones Wheels team get to skate it and introduce it.

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Jaws on the Couch

Jaws is on the Zumiez Couch Tour right now with the Neff Headwear team. He’ll be at the Chicago demo today, July 2nd. Here’s the recap from the NYC stop […]

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Gumball 3000

Tony and Jaws went out on the Gumball 3000 and besides the massive amounts of driving they did, they managed to get in a bunch of skating. Here’s a recap […]

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Switch hill bomb ft. switch power slides

Shawn Hale is at it again on the Thrasher website with this weeks Firing Line where he hits a quarter pike and bombs the hill switch while throwing in some […]

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Elliot Sloan gets Silver

Elliot Sloan placed 2nd this weekend at the Munich X Games in the Big Air event. Congrats on the podium placing dude!

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5 Sequences: Shawn goes switch

Shawn Hale goes switch 5-0 at a popular ditch spot in Southern California. Rhino shot the sequence and included it in last Friday’s post on Thrasher.

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Fully Torqued: Chicago

The first episode of the Fully Torqued RV Tour shows what the guys have been up to since their arrival to Chicago. Clive’s nollie flips are looking good.

By |June 27th, 2013|News, Video|

Gatorade Frost

Clive Dixon goes front biggie over the rail while Adam Mills makes a cameo appearance as the filmer in Gatorade’s new commercial for Frost.

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