David Loy is pro

Today, David Loy released a full part on The Skateboard Mag site in conjunction with his interview in issue 124. It’s one hell of a part and definitely worth the […]

By |May 20th, 2014|News, Video|

First Try

If you haven’t seen it already, Tony jumped over a Mini Cooper that was driving at him. This is real life. He did it first try and it was nuts […]

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Clint Walker Real Street

The X Games Real Street videos are live with 16 contestants all competing for Fan Favorite. To vote for Fan Favorite you have to post a tweet through your Twitter […]

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Last Halloween we went to Dublin, Ireland with Tony, Clint and Jaws for a few days. Our demo got rained out so we hung out and signed autographs for a […]

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Real Street

Clint Walker is taking part in the 2014 X Games Real Street contest this year. His part is gnarly and goes live May 13th. Check their site to see who […]

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Tony Hawk released a full doubles skate part today on Ride Channel. You’re going to have to watch it more than a few times to figure out exactly whats going […]

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Phoenix Am recap

Just got back early this morning from 5 days out in the desert for the 2014 Cowtown Phoenix Am skate contest happening at Desert West skatepark. Everyone had a great […]

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Asphalt Yacht Club officially welcomed Jaws to the team today. Check his intro clip here and his ad in the new magazines.

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Franks for Nothing

Clive Dixon skates around his hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida with some friends for the latest installment of Franks for Nothing from Skatepark of Tampa

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Head South!

Dekline headed down south with Jaws and the team to Mexicali to put on a demo and skate some spots. Here’s a quick edit of the demo and an idea […]

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