Woodward Tahoe is just a short drive up the hill from Sacramento.

The trip is a couple hours packed with all the scenery and such you’d expect to see on a drive like this. What with the trees, the lakes, and maybe a little wildlife to boot.. how could you not just take it all in and enjoy it? (The car I’m driving completely managed to, by spending the time instead with phone interviews and discussing the nuances of the new, new wave music etc, but that’s kind of an everyday story..)

It’s all just so peaceful up here in these mountains, back to basics, but still in the bubble that is California.
Quite a few of our team guys, including Tony, were here just shy of a month ago for the grand opening of the facility. Being the first brand (#birdhouseskateboards) to come through here since then on a tour, we had the benefit of most of them knowing what to expect, rather than the standard of adjusting to a new spot in the limelight, as is kind of common.

The campus at Woodward is divided. Not in some civil war fashion of us against them, but more in a filling up space kind of way. You are welcomed by a big, non-descript bunker in the parking lot (I’ll assume the usual 3-4 people we see every day who seem to do a brisk bit of business on the internet’s online market place won’t be there to greet you like us.. but I digress)
So yeah.. big bunker, packed with fun. There’s a street course, booters of all kinds and a trampoline area that I am convinced was designed, not necessarily for the training they do there, as much as a playground for the big bunch of dummies we are.
This isn’t where we were though come demo time. See it’s hard mixing campers and public, so it was decided it would be best to focus things elsewhere.That somewhere came along a great paved goat trail that winds and rolls and winds some more on it’s way to the awaiting miniramp where pavement meets it’s dirty end. It’s not a short walk, but very much worth a ride down if you’ve got some wheels.
When we got to the top, there was an intimate and interactive crowd keeping busy at the booths of the brands along for our ride, or staking out the best spots to see it all go down.
Back tracking for a sec here.. you know that benefit that I mentioned earlier? In a way, we were lucky to have that on our side. See, most of the guys had gone out on a skate mission the day before.. and kept the spots going until 5am. The footage and photos were at an all time high, but that can come at a price. I know our team well though, and presented with anything to terrorize, regardless of how tired.. It goes without saying they’ll take it on.
Everyone had their bag of tricks down but there were a couple standouts for sure. Shawn Hale is a miniramp slayer so he sort of goes without saying, but another Shaun, in the form of Gregoire, had some heat out there that I took notice of too.
Clive Dixon took a different approach to the day with a unique 50-50 option on the top rail, but i’ll just tease that for now. See it soon in a RIDE Channel edit near you. Also in the highlight reel; I’d go with the doubles runs of Jaws and Loy, which were pretty fun to see, then you have a couple up and over doubles with Loy blasting over a too tall Tony, throw in a few of 80’s era ramp jam tricks, including a long lost varial invert and a special Vancouver call out..
Put a bow on it, and there you’ve got the demo that was Woodward.. at Tahoe. In California.
Onwards and upwards (map humor) to Grants Pass, OR. Saturday. 2pm. Be there..or don’t.. but It’d be a lot cooler if you did.