Sometimes on these skate tours, the smaller towns really are the most happening spots.

Not, perhaps in the hipster chic way you would think, but for generating a crowd who’s down to see some guys ripping around a park.. you can’t go wrong. We’ve had a couple of biggies since I last put fingers to keyboard, which was quite some time back. You already know the schedule.. it’s all over this site. But for the sake of clarity, we have visited both Grants Pass, OR and Spokane, WA respectfully. Fun times.

I don’t think it’s big news if you own a map that both of these towns are on the outskirts. They have their own deal as opposed to the bigger cities that represent their states.. but that’s the beauty. They don’t have something like us rolling through weekly and genuinely are just a lot less jaded. They welcome you with open arms, and many of them. Hot sweaty arms.. Yes.. but we very much appreciate you all coming out.
The skating at these stops has been on point. For reals. Tony and crew are holding it down. Hard. (and falling hard in some cases too)
I’d love to tell you a grand ‘ole tale of it all, but really, who’s got the time? We make the video edits on Ride Channel for a reason.. Go there. Now. Take a look and hang out a while. Subscribe maybe.. It’s neat.
Since you are on the internet anyways.. do a little shopping.
Might I suggest the sites of Activision, Techdeck, Quiksilver, YoYo Factory, Nixon, Olloclip and maybe even truth?? Well I just did, so there.
Oh yeah.. here’s a THPSHD download code for the lucky one of you, other than my lovely wife who is still reading this.
Go to Xbox Live Arcade:  7QFCQ-JJMPQ-7MK26-MQDCT-3DQHZ (you’re welcome)
I’ve got to get to the lobby. The never-ending story never ends. Well, except maybe for this one.
See you Thursday Seattle. No really. Be there… Don’t be the big city that blows it!
tata for now..