We arrived in Berlin with no bags and skateboards and the weather was hot.  Awakening the next day in sweat i learned that the AC in the room sucked but at least most the bags and boards arrived. The crew broke up and broke out with the verto’s going to a press conference and practice while the rest went to find some spots. I went with the vert crew and regretted it the second I realized that 1. press conferences don’t make interesting video or web content and 2. Ozzy wasn’t going to be there.  After taking several non air conditioned taxis back and forth through the hot arse city, getting ripped off by one who either didn’t know how to get anywhere or just knew he could jack us for more money we ended up at some big stadium where the vert demo was being held and NERD was to play after wards. You can read a proper write up here (http://quiksilverlive.com/tonyhawktour10/blog,5,tour.en.html).  My memory is horrific considering my age but here’s what lurks in my dome regarding this event. Jean Postec skated with a fresh cast on his arm, this being his first “test” of how it felt.  Needless to say he wasn’t his normal self but he was still able to get some lip tricks in there with his normal smooth style. I remember Staab doing smith grind over the taco and Fritsch skating his  best in a while with  hardflips and big heelflips.  Apparently it take 5000 in the crowd to motivate Jesse to skate like he can. Sandro didn’t realize that heat rises and Germans hate air conditioning so Sandro did as Sandro does…huge body jars, ally oop 5’s coming down sweatier after each successive air. He then went so high that the heat vaporized him and he never came down. Tony killed the demo as one would expect but one thing stood out. He made a heelflip first try. Of course he did various 5’s, a 7, 80’s runs, 90’s runs, 00′ runs but the heelflippy is the secret nemesis. Tony and Jaws spun 5’s, one over the other-you can guess who was on top and that was the end as I recall. A big and loud crowd made the steam bath worth it for all and then N*E*R*D took the stage. Suffice to say that there were 5000 German males and females and one “other” shaking their booties till the end of the night.

Of course this all could be a lie and or just hugely inaccurate. You’ll never know unless you show up to the next demo.