July 22, 2011 marked the premiere of “A Happy Medium 2,” including the much anticipated part from our very own Aaron “Jaws” Homoki. Showing in Scottsdale, AZ, Aaron modestly suspected ¬†only a few of us to be joining him in his shenanigans. Little did he know the Tony and the rest of the Birdhouse team secretly showed up to congratulate him into the pro ranks.

Aaron undisputedly had the last part. After the video Birdhouse ran their Jaws commercial and stormed the stage.

Clint took charge of the crowd.

Aaron overwhelmed with joy. Emotions ran high on the stage.

Check out his new boards.

Stoked? I think so.

Tony providing a proper welcome.

Aaron was so hyped he tossed his boards into the crowd.

The next morning Jaws cured his aches and pains with a proper front flip into the pool. Congratulations Jaws! More than well deserved!