The first day is always a little frantic. Day 1 for us was no exception. There was no flying anywhere to get things slightly settled. This was get it going.. and well.. GO. It’s a bit nuts. What with the people coming in from all points, 2 or 3 delayed and canceled flights to deal with, 4 of our vans and a convoy of about 5 sponsor vehicles or so, all with their own masses needing to be meld into one unit in a short amount of time.. it’s a like a carney math problem in the making.

Between the meetings, the many calls morning of and a little luck.. it does all come together. With everyone in place, all the banners are hung by the proverbial chimney with care.. the people are packed in and it’s time to start the show.
The Santa Clarita Skatepark is big. Really big. Despite the available space to fill in the gaps on the exterior of the park, the crowd has made the group decision to all make their way to the bridge bowl – front and center – 5 to 6 bodies thick to see what Staab, Jaws, David and of course Tony have in store for the coping there. Tony has hardly hidden the fact that just a few weeks ago, he took a rib breaking shot, and with little practice before this demo.. none of us (including him) know how this is going to play out. He makes it all seem seamless, and smooth as silk despite a few little tubules here and there. No Biggie, and all good.
While the chaos is centralized, the park is pretty much opened up for the rest of the guys to freely stack up of clips, or get a few runs under their belt. This seems welcomed, as again, the first day is sometimes an adjustment.
The session goes on for over an hour, on a grey slab of concrete.. with temperatures akin to the surface of the sun. It’s Hot, as expected and the heat ain’t going away. There’s plenty of water, and enough guys skating to catch some breaks in runs.. but just in case.. the great Barry Zaritsky is also on hand ready to mash a bag of ice in the face of anybody looking the slightest bit sun stricken, requested or not.
After the last run is done.. we head back to the Quiksilver RV for some relief from the heat, plenty of physio (via Barry) and a little rest before hitting the road all over again.
One would hope that during this time, the crowd might subside a little. But with loads of sponsor tents (Activision, TechDeck, Nixon, olloclip, truth and of course the yoyo factory tricksters) to keep the kids occupied, it seems like they all decided to stay.
Add to this the outside chance of catching Tony coming off the bus for that coveted autograph..and we’ve got some work to do to make our way out.
When it’s time to roll, the man, as ever is gracious, and gets to those that he can.. but the road is looming. It’s waiting for us.. and it’s time to motor.
5 hours, some spicy chicken and a few funny conversations are to be had on the way to San Jose..
Everyone made it here, and we all lived through the night, only a minor scare easily solved with some Benadryl.
Looking forward we’ll see what’s in store out there today. Another big park, and hopefully big crowd awaits.
Time, and funny enough.. this Blog will tell tomorrow.