Sideways loop…

Here’s the video of Tony Hawk doing the first sideways loop on a skateboard brought to us by Sony Action Cam.


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Jaws In Transition

The Berrics just released their 2nd In Transition videos and this time around Jaws is in the mix. Him and Cody Long filmed one hell of a part at Paradise […]

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Jaws PUSH part now playing

Jaws’ full PUSH part is now playing on The Berrics. No more words. Just watch.


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Ben Raybourn’s Push Project part

It’s finally here. Ben’s full part for the Push Project through The Berrics is live and on the internets. Spend the next 13 minutes watching it here or skip to […]

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King of The Road 2015

We made it back alive from Thrasher’s King of The Road. A little bit longer and way more hectic this time around but psyched we got to participate in the […]

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Lizzie Armanto live stream

Today at noon pst, Lizzie Armanto and Allysha Bergado will be skating and answering questions with Bones Wheels. Tune in to Lizzie’s Facebook page to watch and get some questions […]

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Solo Skate Mag interviews

While we were in Munich at Boneless Skateshop the guys got interviewed about each other by Solo Skate Mag. Check out the interviews here and see what each on had […]

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Birdhouse European Vacation part 3

The last and final installment of our European Vacation edits is live now on Ride Channel. We had an amazing time skating Munich and Prague and owe a ton of […]

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European Vacation part 2

Part 2 of our European Vacation is up now on Ride Channel. Ben was on a killing spree, Paris and Malaga were super sick and the crowd in Malaga was […]

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Vacation: Prague

Early in our trip we heard about a DIY spot built in a ditch in the country side of the Czech Republic and that it was next to a lake […]

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